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Does God Think Less of Me? ...

Posted by Shannon Biggs-Ross on March 13, 2012 at 2:10 PM

I was asked a question yesterday ... one that cut me to the core. one that stopped me in my tracks. one that came from an honest heart - "Do you think God looks down on me for making this decision?"

I lost my voice - tears filled my eyes - The pain, the sincere pain this person felt - made him feel like even God has turned his back on him. "If everyone is treating me like this" ... he stopped - "Sis, be honest with me, does God really look down on me for doing this?" I wanted to scream - MY GOODNESS NO, but I couldn't - I was speechless! I caught my breath - inhaled and said, "no ...  no ... no He doesn't. God doesn't think any less of you for doing this. You've been so courageous. You made such a selfless decision. You made a decision that you knew would hurt you for days ... months ... years to come."


So now I am giving you a new commandment: Love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other. John 13:34 (NLT)

At that moment - I realized why Jesus reiterated that we need to love each other ... Just as He's loved us. It's important - especially as Christians. We are Jesus' hands and feet. Why would they want to love our God when we act foolish ... when we pass our judgmental glances ... when we feel the need to share our 2 cents about something we know nothing about ...

Maybe you're in a situation where you feel like this ...

Friend I tell you today - God's not mad at you. He loves you. He's longing for the day you turn to him! He doesn't love you any less on your worst day than He does on your best day. His love is not earned - He gives it freely ... He gives it in abundance ... There is nothing you can do to lose His love. Run to Him ...


I love the lyrics to Dara Maclean's song "Free", Hurting heart and broken wings cannot stop Your love from always finding me No more days wasting away I finally realize the gift inside of me My strength alone will never be enough But Your arms keep lifting me up You tell me I've been made free You give me everything I need to walk in my dreams You whisper words that free my soul You're the reason I have hope You're everything I need and more You made me free I was caged in, then You opened Every door that held me bound and You gave me the key No more pressure I can just breathe The person I have tried so hard to be, has always been me ...


Heavenly Father, I come confessing there are times when I give my opinion instead of Your truth. Please forgive me. Father the last thing I want to do it turn people away from You. I lift those who are hurting up to You. Those who feel like you've turned your back on them - Father please wrap them in Your arms. Assure them You're right there. Help me to be your hands and feet. Help me to think before I speak. To use my time here on Earth to share You with others. I love you. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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